Since we have pulled a 92 rated Cristiano Ronaldo from a recent FIFA 15 Ultimate Team pack opening, the dream that get one of the big two players in the game came ture. You think it over yet, the more crazy is that he actually came from a 7.5K pack that is the lowest that you can get if you don’t include the 5K packs that absolutely no-one opens.

Cristiano Ronaldo

You can watch the full HD video above and see the moment when we found Ronaldo in the most unexpected way possible. This specific pack opening was a week before EA introduced the new price range feature so it was probably the best timing in that respect as well.

We packed Lionel Messi back in November but this one tops the lot as even that Messi was out of a 35K pack and also CR7 is worth more and is the most expensive normal card on the entire game if you don’t include IFS and Legends. In the footage there’s also some really decent high-rated and in-form pulls squeezed in-between as well so that was an added bonus.

Who are your highest rated players you’ve bagged for yourself this year on FUT 15? You could share with us by leaving a cheeky reply in the comments box below.