Monopoly Go Lucky Chance

Monopoly Go Lucky Chance Explained

Monopoly GO frequently hosts events for players to let them earn stickers, dice rolls, cash, and other stuff. One of these important boosts turns out to be the Lucky Chance for Monopoly GO. So if you are interested in everything it has to offer then here is everything you should know about them.

Do note that this feature isn’t confirmed by the developers so it may change a lot upon release or they might even scrap the idea altogether. But so far this is everything that is known.

What are Monopoly GO Lucky Chance?

The Monopoly Go Lucky Chance is described as a reoccurring boost that replaces the standard Chance deck with a new Lucky Chance deck for a limited time. Here are some examples of you have a chance of getting the following cards:

Bank Heist: Your Bank Heist movie was a blockbuster success!
Briefcase of Stickers: Enjoy a briefcase full of stickers to spice up your collection!
Bubble Roll Bath: Dive into a relaxing bubble bath of rolls!
Business Boost: Receive a little boost for your ongoing businesses!
El Dorado Discovery: Dig so deep that you find El Dorado!
Magic Dice Trick: Learn a magic trick to multiply your dice!
Money Rain Singing Contest: Excel in a money rain singing contest and bask in the glory!
Peg-E’s Prize Drop: Peg-E has granted you a juicy prize drop!
Tax Trick Fails: Unfortunately, your tax tricks didn’t work this time!

The above cards were just from version 1 of the set, the second set can give you the following cards:

Album Completion Assistance: Here’s a little help to complete your album!
Bank Heist Time: Fill your pockets, it’s Bank Heist Time!
Money Rain: You managed to make it rain money!
Partner Gift: Here is a gift to enjoy with your partner!
Treasure Hunt Boost: Here is a boost for your treasure hunt!

From the looks of it, this Lucky Chance boost is likely to appear in the rotation of daily boosts. We’re not sure yet if this boost will only last for 30 minutes or less and can be activated within a 3-hour window, or if it’s something more akin to Sticker Boom or Landmark Rush. We also don’t know if the Lucky Chance deck will fully replace the standard Chance deck or if the cards will merely be added in. But remember, with Lucky Chance, every roll is an adventure waiting to unfold!

As mentioned before these are possible leaks and aren’t official. As such there is no confirmed date or update when these will be released. Depending on how developers will have to tweak the game’s other features like the Roll Multiplier, events, etc. it may take a while before we can get it. If there are any changes to it, we will update it promptly on U4gm, so please follow us. Best of all you can use the discount code “Mods” to get an extra 5% off on buying Monopoly Go stickers cheap here.