Monopoly Go Stickers

All The Free Ways To Get Monopoly Go Stickers Online

Stickers are one of the main collectibles in the classic board game, Monopoly Go. It’s vital you pick up as many Monopoly Go stickers as you can if you want to finish a sticker album, especially with the rewards on offer. For completing an album, you can get both cash and dice, Monopoly Go’s most precious in-game resources, as well as snazzy game tokens.

Although most players choose to buy Monopoly Go Stickers to quickly complete albums and take a significant lead, there are still many freeways in the game for players who do not want to spend money to obtain some stickers. In this guide, we will show you all the free ways to get Monopoly Go Stickers!

Participate In The Giveaway

Sometimes, some stickers are in high demand, Monopoly Go will offer them for free. For example, the stickers Sweet Duets and Monopoly Tunes are currently in high demand, as evidenced by the more than 6,000 requests for Sweet Duets and over 5,000 for Monopoly Tunes on Sticker Finder! They’re excited to give away 2 of each. If you want to get it, make sure you are logged into your Wiki account. You will find the giveaway form where you can choose the sticker you wish to enter.

Join The Trading Group

The Monopoly GO Discord and Facebook community is waiting for you! Come claim extra stickers! Interact with 45K+ other players, and feel safe trading with tiered traders verified through a strict trading reputation system! If you don’t quite trust the other party, you can use safe trade allows you to accept or decline the offer after looking at the offered cards.

Trading With Friends

The game enables securely trading stickers between friends, granting each access to missing pieces. Only duplicate stickers are eligible for trading within friend circles. Unique stickers cannot be traded, as they may fill gaps in friends’ albums instead. To trade, both parties must link Facebook profiles and be in-game friends. A maximum of 5 sticker transfers can occur daily as well.

Playing More Game

You can earn Monopoly Go stickers in multiple ways, such as finishing the top three in tournaments, completing tasks and reaching milestones in in-game events, free daily gifts in the shop, quick win daily objectives, spinning the color wheel, and more. It’s worth noting that not all of these mechanics are available at the start of the game, such as quick wins and the color wheel, so you need to play through your first few boards before all the options are available.

Make The Most of Duplicate Stickers

While there are a number of ways to replace duplicate stickers, a great one is to use them in the stickers for rewards tab. Any duplicate stickers are automatically transferred here and can be exchanged for vaults with further rewards. While it takes at least 250 duplicate stickers to open, they offer some of the best rewards. This can include stickers of a high star value or guaranteed new ones for your collection.

If you’re aiming to complete your Monopoly Go sticker album without spending a dime, these are all the best free ways you can earn stickers in the game!