How to Start Your Diamond Dynasty Team off on MLB The Show 24

This is the only way you should be starting your Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 24. Watch to the end of the article. It is the most important tip.

The very First thing you wanna do from the main menu is go all the way to the right go storyline. Within storylines, you should complete both the Negro Leagues and the Derex Jeter storyline. Before you do anything else these missions are pretty easy and not very time-consuming. You’ll get a ton of free Diamond cards and a ton of easy XP, just start you off on the XP Reward path.

the Negro Leagues
the Derex Jeter

The next thing you should do is work on finishing the spring breakout program. This program is full of a bunch of Diamond Players, XP, MLB Stubs and Packs. By beating a spring breakout showdown you can also do the missions in the program which are pretty easy all of the XP. You earn from playing and finishing this program will also go towards your XP reward path

spring breakout

The last thing, you should do is work on getting 60,000 team affinity points. For these three divisions, you wanna finish the Al West for Mitch Hanagar, the AL EAST for Gary Sanchez and the NL West for Justin Turner. All you need to do is farm the first two missions of the showdown over and over again to get these.

team affinity points