Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Has Been broken ?

FIFA 15 fans feel angry when they noticed that the price tiers for every item in the game instead of popular Ultimate Team open auction system. And they are up in arms to resist this change.fifa 15

There is trouble on the virtual terraces of the best-selling Fifa video game series. Fans have reacted with fury to changes announced by developer EA Sports, which will radically alter the game’s popular Ultimate Team feature.

For many, the eBay-style open-auction transfer market that underpinned the mode’s gameplay – which involves building a “deck” of player trading cards into a fantasy team – was one of its biggest pulls. Bagging an in-form player at a bargain price, usually by purchasing their card at 2am when fewer participants are online, led to moments of punch-the-air euphoria. With some Harry-Redknapp-style wheeler and dealing the purchase could be immediately flipped back onto the market with a higher starting price – a much faster way of acquiring in-game currency than actually playing matches. And the faster you made coins, the quicker the world’s best players could be secured for your fantasy line-up.

However, fans has stated that they will give up this mode, after EA removed entirely open auctions. Now, the price of every item in the game must be set within a pre-determined, and be available in “Buy It Now” format. Besides, EA price range be defined in advance. As long as they’re within EA’s pre-defined price range, it is still possible to offer cards up for auction.