3 Reasons Show PES 2015 Better Than FIFA 15

The two biggies in the world of soccer got launched on all major platforms.Now, the competition between them both continues to brew as usual, which one do you like best? Whatever, did you notice that in some core areas, PES 2015 has always managed to beat FIFA 15 in its own game? While Electronic Arts being a big company has all the support that it could muster with licensed teams, jerseys, player kits and more, Konami’s own game shines in other areas, which most ardent football lovers wouldn’t wish to miss. Here are three reasons why you can’t miss this amazing game.

fifa 15

Ball Control

The level of ball control offered by PES 2015 is completely different, when compared to the FIFA 15 title, because it has never focused on the gameplay aspects; but it rather focuses on presentation, style and some amazing advertisements. But, when it comes to ruling the pitch, you wouldn’t find a better option than this one. The ball simply stays in your control and with any controller of your choice, you would be able to score a goal that is hugely satisfying than being an arcade style title with no strong focus.

Fox Engine

The fox engine has seriously boosted the visuals in the game and it never looks like FIFA 15, which is why it manages to stand unique at all times. The player faces are hard and don’t look like polished mesh, which adds more realism to the game. Besides, the crowd is now much more reactive than they have ever been and the game also prompts higher level of simulation than ever before. PES 2015 lost its focus in the past few games but with the help of Fox engine they have jumped back to what they do best and it helps them deliver the best possible football experience on a virtual platform.

fifa 15

UEFA and other Cups

Some leagues are now unique to PES 2015 and matches like UEFA are best enjoyed in the Konami game. Even though, they don’t have the ultimate team or amazing online multiplayer options, the game definitely compensates them all with its unique cups, matches and player jerseys that look much better in the new engine. Konami has once again done what they do best and with the 2015 edition of the game they have improvised the game to great levels. If you like to find yourself immersed in the pitch with great controls, player reactions and gameplay tactics, this should be your pick.