To find MOTM Cards with less Coins

There was a kind of cards mainly comes from the domestic cup finals and European champions. In the match, the beast players will be picked up. Generally speaking, it is only 24 hours since the release of the card. You can obtain the card through the card opening within 24 hours. Compared with TOTW cards, these kinds of cards are fewer and the collective value is higher.

This time, there are two members involved into the MOTM. They are Higuain and Sergio Ramos. The following is their lowest and highest prices on the three platforms of PC/PS/XBOX.

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And there are two ways to obtain the cards:

1. Buy them through Transfers
Now their price is not so stable SO it is not the best time to buy these two players. Furthermore, with the increase of the card numbers, the prices will decrease accordingly.

2. Through Gold Packs, buy FIFA 15 coins on utfifa15coins will be more cost-effective than consuming FIFA points. You need to speed 7500 FIFA 15 coins or 150 points when opening Gold Packs for once.

Purchasing 750 FIFA points will cost 6.99 USD. But you can open 750/150=5 times.
In utfifa15coins, you only need to consume 7 USD and you can use 233K FIFA 15 coins on PS (PS: 250k =7.49 USD) 233K/7500=30 times.

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