To find a middle ground for Diablo 3 power leveling

A recent post on the Diablo 3 forums sparked a debate about whether it was better to “clear” an entire dungeon of every last barrel, armor rack and straggling enemy, or whether it was better to make a beeline for the bottom floor, the boss, or the quest objective. Rather than viewing this as a polarized issue, I think that the best strategy (for Diablo 3 powerleveling, at least) is to find a middle ground. If you have to backtrack through miles of empty hallways for a few paltry rewards, I’d just keep moving forward if the pathway to progress is clear. If you end up on the wrong track, you’ll often get a free teleport to put you back on the path of progress.

Make the most of that smart new mechanic instead of hoofing it backwards through a long maze of empty, blood-splattered, nearly-fruitless hallways. Always Be On a Quest (Or Two, Or Three). That can’t have a positive effect on your XP gain. It may seem easier to ignore or deviate from the quests, but they’re usually more rewarding in every capacity compared to aimless wandering and plundering. It may be tempting to jump into Hell, Nightmare, or Inferno Mode as soon as you can survive it, but time spent at an appropriate difficulty level might result in a lot more XP, and possibly a few extra items that will serve you well at the next level.
Players who are determined to Diablo 3 power leveling quickly are often over-eager to jump into the next hardest difficulty mode. While every power leveler ultimately wants to be “farther,” over-extending the capabilities of your character can actually slow you down. Even if you do have the skills to take down monsters that are significantly stronger than you, it’s unlikely that you can do it fast enough to make up for the lost opportunity to take down nine or ten of them at a lesser difficulty level, which would in all likelihood result in better XP for the time. You can buy Diablo 3 power leveling from our site, it’s fast and safe.