D3 Plague Bats Skill Build

D3 Plague Bats Skill Build
As the poor Witch Doctor player, I only choose the 2-hand axe as my weapon. The legendary scorn not only has the 4.7% life steal, but also the 1427.4 DPS is attractive. Let’s start the adventure of upgrading in Patch 1.0.8!

Mass Confusion + Paranoia: This magic skill is interesting, which would confuse the enemies and cause some to fight for you within 12 seconds. When you encounter monster group, you can use this skill to control the battlefield.

Big Bad Voodoo + Slam Dance: This skill is the essential for the group. To increase the allies attack speed and movement speed is most attractive and useful. Meanwhile, the Slam Dance would increase damage of nearby allies. Before the Plague Bats released, please release the Big Bad Voodoo so that you can maximize the damage.

Firebats + Plague Bats: Take the Plague Bats as the bear, before to fire the monster group you should use Spirit Walk at first. If you are farming in the oasis, you should depend on Spirit to keep invincible. In the meantime, the Plague don’t scare of the frozen, even though you are frozen in most cases that Plague can keep the unchangeable recovery life blood more than 3 seconds.

Passive skill:
Spirit Vessel is the key point in this build. The Plague Bats absorb life blood smoothly and the attack range is widely. As for the EHP who only has 50w, the Spirit Vessel is the most useful to defuse the danger so that you can easily to finish the map quickly.

What is the most popular profession in Diablo 3 patch 1.0.8? There is no doubt that is the Witch Doctor! With the adjustment of Firebats in the new patch, more and more players start to experience the new WD skill build. After few days research, we study out the Pure Plague Bats Skill Build for Witch Doctor.