D3 Build with Stone of Jordon

D3 Build with Stone of Jordon
About the choice of Stone of Jordan, the AOE Strafe match with the attributes of adding 6% to cold damage can trigger the Cull the Weak which increase the damage against slowed enemies. The effect is obviously. To match with the effect of slow enemies movement make the Strafe would be more safety.

Survival Skill:
Shadow Power + Gloom, Smoke Screen + Lingering Fog: Due to the movement of Strafe is slow and out of control so that you should choose Smoke Screen to run away and remove the control. Meanwhile, the Shadow Power not only can convert the damage to life but also it would decrease your damage by 35%.

Companion + Bat Companion, Preparation + Punishment: These assistance skills would ensure your hatred and keep the Rapid Fire and Strafe release. The rune of Bat Companion which would recover 3 hatred is the necessary in this build.

Strafe + Demonlition: This skill is the primary AOE skill which has high DPS. When the monster around your, this skill is very useful as well as when the monsters gathering at one direction. So, to find an advantage position that would avoid the damage waste and increase the output. The consumption of Strafe is greater than Rapid Fire, if there are more than 10 monsters around you that the efficient of Strafe is reasonable.

Rapid Fire + Bombardment: Since patch 1.0.8 release, this is the primary output skill for Demon Hunter. The powerful of Rapid Fire significantly enhanced at present patch has strong attraction. Of course, to use the Rapid Fire and Strafe you should take the Hatred at the consideration. We will analysis the relationship later.

At Patch 1.0.8, the most popular skill would be the Rapid Fire changed. Now, we would introduce the Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Strafe and Rapid Fire Skill Build with Stone of Jordon. More useful skill build you can learn from our site!