Hunting Skills of the Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter’s armor is relatively thin compared to those in other classes. It is usually made up of leather, covering simply the most crucial parts of the body, such as the chest, wrist and throat. Nevertheless, as you soon progress, you will be able to wear those thicker leather armors and get some hard-wearing steel plating. And at the top of the tier, you will be able to unlock and make good use of virtually impenetrable armors made up of metal and leather, with enhanced defensive features such as barb and spikes. You will also be able to wear those thicker helmets and carry a protective shield to block some significant attacks.

The Hunting Skills of the Demon Hunter include: In the early levels of playing the Demon Hunter, you can equip only one passive skill (until in the beta test version) until you reach level 10. After reaching level 10, you will then be able to unlock Brooding and Thrill of the Hunt, which are relatively helpful for hunting down weaker hellspawns for your farming and leveling. At level 12, you will be able to unlock Vengeance. Get Steady Aim at 13 for better single-target hits. These passive skills will give you some advantage without asking you to press anything to activate them. The Brooding for example, grants you 2% heal of your maximum health each second as long as you don’t get hit within five seconds.

If you ignore Diablo 3 gold quests, you might find yourself quarantined off from the next area until you complete them, which essentially traps you in the kiddie pool until you pass your swim test (or rather, swim quest). Thrill of the Hunt on the other hand, easily immobilizes your target for three seconds every ten seconds, relatively good skill for fighting bosses or in PVP arenas. There’s a lot more things to learn about various classes in Diablo 3 power leveling. Until the full game is released, it would be better if you jumpstart your way by reading more Diablo 3 Demon Hunter guide, for more effective hunting.