NBA 2K21 MyLeague: How to Do a Fantasy Draft?

One of the most popular playthroughs involves in NBA 2K21 MyLeague is a fantasy draft mode that lets you start your team from scratch with a pool of players. If you’re wondering how to do a fantasy draft for your MyLeague in NBA 2K21, you’ve arrived at the right place. This article is focused on showing you how to do a fantasy draft in NBA 2K21 MyLeague. Of course, we also sell NBA 2K21 MT at low prices, safe, fast for all players, and you can purchase by clicking on the link in the article. Now back to the main text:

Fantasy Draft

What is a Fantasy Draft?

A fantasy draft allows players to start a league where all NBA or WBA (depending on your settings) players are drafted onto each team at the beginning of the season. As you can imagine, the possibilities of who will be on which team are almost infinite. This is a great way to switch things up a little and see how superstars and players would match out together as well as against each other.

How to Do a Fantasy Draft in NBA 2K21?

Here your guide on how to start your fantasy draft.

1). Once you load into the NBA 2K21 Home screen, scroll over to and select the MyLEAGUE menu option.

2). In the MyLEAGUE menu, you will need to go to MyLeague and create a new league.

3). Next, select which teams you would like to be in your MyLEAGUE. You can choose if you want to use current teams or a mixture of current and historic.

4). After you select the roster you will choose to start the season in the regular season because if you choose offseason you won’t be able to do the draft.

5). After you choose this, you will have the option to change the setup options.

6). You will go to the setup options and scroll down to fantasy draft. This option is set to “Off” by default. Change this option to “On” to do a fantasy draft in your MyLeague.

7). After you’ve done this, you, and your friends, will now select the teams you want to play with.

8). After all of the desired teams are selected, it is now time for the actual draft.

9). Now you just draft your fantasy team and you are ready to put them to the test against your friends.

Following the above steps, setting up a fantasy draft is easy and only takes about a few minutes to complete. Also, if you want a more comprehensive guide after setting up your fantasy draft league, you can click here for more tips and tricks.