How to make FIFA 20 coins quickly and easily

Like any marketplace in the world, you can make the most coins on FUT by buying low and selling high. Some users can look for a quick sale so will place a player you know sells for more up for sale for a lower price. If this happens, buy the player, even if you already have one in your squad. Simply place him straight into your transfer list and make a profit. Any profit is good, especially in the early stages of the game when the market is unsettled. In the very beginning, playing games will help you build your squad. If you play 4 games and do reasonably well in those games (you could lose all 4) you’ll still make around 2,000 FIFA 20 coins for your efforts. The temptation can be to spend some of your real cash on the game. To start with U4GM found ourselves saying, ‘what is £1.99?’ or however much the packs were at the time. This can soon add up though and since the game mode has been released into FIFA U4GM haven’t spent a single penny and U4GM won’t be doing so for FIFA 19 either. On FIFA 20 U4GM made over 2,500,000 coins in trading using the methods in this guide and this isn’t with spending hours and hours in front of the laptop or on the console. On FIFA 20 U4GM made over 15 million profit and 17, only because U4GM didn’t have as much time to trade (and price capping made it a bit more difficult), U4GM made 5.6 million profit. Still, it just shows that the more you trade the better you will become at it.

Because of the changes made by EA to try and stop coin farming and selling you will rarely get players watching their bids, especially with the cheaper players so this is the best method U4GM have found and stops you having to use the buy it now prices or getting into bidding wars from 2 minutes to go.
At the time of writing this section, the app for iPhone and Android users is working very well and it is a superb way to keep track of your bids, particularly when you start bidding on players worth in excess of 25k. With the smaller priced players it doesn’t really matter too much if you miss a deal as there will be another one along shortly. With the IF players or the more expensive ones deals a more of a rarity so it’s crucial you watch the deal right until it expires.

Selling your players
When selling cards, it is vitally important that you check what similar cards are selling for on the market before you set your price. Prices can swing within hours, sometimes minutes so check again regularly if your card isn’t selling. If you use our method above then you’ll have a fair few cards of the same player. Don’t place these at the same price as people may tend to just skip past your players if they see 7 players all at the same price. That’s what U4GM tend to do…unless they are a bargain price!

It is common sense that players with higher ratings and more desirable traits will sell for more. You will find that in some cases though players who have standout stats will have a higher value. A lot of people rely on pace so if you have a player who has 90+ for pace then they will usually sell for more. Don’t forget your skills too. If the player you’re selling has 5* skill moves then they will be high in demand so bump up their price. Previously, you’d be better off discarding low-value cards and getting around 20 to 300 coins from EA, rather than putting them on the auction house every hour. If you’re looking to get a quick sale to raise capital to reinvest then that’s fine but remember you can use players you don’t want or you know you’re not going to use in your team for the squad building challenges.

Putting cards on one-hour auctions will mean you have a higher chance to get a quick sale. If you place players who can you can discard for between 300-350 coins on the market at starting price of 150 then sometimes you’ll only get 200 or 250 for the player so you’re doing yourself out of 100 coins and wasting time putting them on auction. Finally, if you should be so lucky or have worked hard enough to have rare players or IF players such as Messi or Ronaldo place these on the auction for longer periods of time. This will give people the chance to see your auction and hopefully attract a high bidder.
Now those are the very basics if you want to go into more detail, and U4GM presume you do seeing as you have bought this guide, then read on for our trading walkthrough from a worldwide top 100 trader.