Madden 18: New Engine Can Render On The Field Footage And Off-Field Footage

The new Madden game has already arrived in August. Tom Brady is on the cover of Madden 18, including the special edition of the game. One major change to the Madden 18 is its story mode, Longshot. We are in for a major upgrade to the Madden 18 graphics and gameplay thanks to the switch to Frostbite. This following is related introduction about Madden NFL 18.

Madden 18

Madden 18 Cover – Tom Brady
Madden 18 Release Date – August 25th
Madden 18 Frostbite & Graphics – Looking Sharp
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New Madden 18 Features – What Sets it Apart form Madden 17

In Madden 18, this new engine can render on the field footage as well as off-field footage using the same engine. Gamers pay attention to ratings and reviews, especially when it comes to annual refreshes. EA has introduced a feature called Club Championship that lets gamers compete for the chance to represent a real NFL team. If you have a idea of buying madden 18 coins, let’s join us and buy coins from U4GM.

Overall the general opinion is that the switch to Frostbite is positive and the new Madden 18 features are implemented well. This game have been launched for nearly three months, during this three months, obviously, the players that enjoyed this game is gradually expanding. They comes from different countries and the usage of different language, but commonly, they have a same habit – playing Madden 18.