Albion Online Update Details: Work, Work

The Berlin-based Spielschmiede Sandbox Interactive, Called Albion Online, it’s reminiscent of online role-playing games,additionally, it is often compared with the former hit” Ultima Online “by fans. In that end, for some virtual currency gold are more attract with players, like albion online gold.


Because the Berlin developers have been inspired by classic RPGs: They look for their personal role and the economy is completely play-driven. There is practically no shop that does not belong to a player. Everything is collected, manufactured and resold in the medieval world itself. There are no classic main missions – you can be a warrior or a dealer. This lets you “Albion” a lot of options open.


Crafting as a central element

You are always looking for wood, fibers, leather, stone or metals. On different maps, the resources have different quality levels – the higher these are, the more difficult are the materials to procure. Once you’ve collected enough, you’ll go back to the nearest city to make the items at the shops. In the beginning, the heavily limited luggage weight is somewhat lame. Often you have to make several trips and buffer the resources on the bank. These are then only available to you at exactly this bank in the selected city.

For glory and honor

For passive abilities, there is the “Destiny Board”: For each activity, you get retreats, which you then use here. Collect fame by forging swords, you can level according to your sword-forge skill in the Destiny Board. Regardless of the work done, your character will increase in the general playing levels. Are you ready for buy cheap albion online silver?

For example, to become a novice, you must simply be active in the game world. The required points for a climb are displayed as targets on the edge. Here is a little routine: collect, craps, collect, craps … Until you have got enough points of fame to be able to carry better to forge or carry.

Online Rolling Games – Fantastic Worlds

The entry into “Albion Online” is somewhat bumpy. After the rather loveless characterization you find yourself in the wilderness again, without equipment and without a plan. The comic graphics of the world is nice to look at, but a bit dated. This is how you begin to collect materials for simple armor. The plays a big role: In the sandbox MMO make clothes actually people.

There are no fixed character classes. Instead, your equipment determines what abilities and attacks you possess and master. As soon as you put on an armor, you decide between different spells. This allows you to change your classes at any time, you are not set to anything. If, after a while, the sword and shield do not suit you, you can still switch to arrows and arrows. In the same way, you can also largely avoid fighting and deal with other aspects. Players are wondering how to buy cheapest albion silver.