The Trailer Of Albion Online: New “Classless Combat System” For Beta Soon To Be Launched

On Monday, as an isometric MMO, Albion online is entering closed beta, and it’s focus on PVP as well as sandboxing in a massive open world. Which is a class and combat system that’s quite interesting, even debuted in a new trailer today, and via what equipment you’re using, it involves your role being selectable and modifiable on the fly. Be reminded of you about albion silver for sale.


There’s been a lot of attempts at this sort of classless system, in MMOs, RPGs and Pen and Paper before. It’s a lot easier in games that don’t involve PVP and therefore less worries about balance. With Albion’s focus in that direction, it’ll be interesting to see how it ends up by the time the game goes live at the start of 2016. They’ve provided some more details on exactly how it will work:

“With the armor, players can choose not only the materials (leather, cloth or plate) the armor is made of but also the weight (light, medium or heavy) to go with each kind:

Heavy armor: better defence although less strength, perfect for the tank style disrupting the enemy lines” As mentioned in the video, there are also different effects based on weapon types. Now it’s time to buy albion online silver.

Light armor: characters receive enhanced abilities but less protection, which is more suitable for assassin’s play style, dealing more damage and avoiding being hit.

It’s no hyperbole to say that all this interacts should be interesting, By accessing the beta, the beta is being sold through Founder’s Packs but no free random option. so we are better to wait its coming. Many players are keen to buy cheapest albion gold.