Crimes of Albion Online And Reputation System

It’s safe to say that Albion Online is a MMORPG, what’s more, PvP is one of the core mechanics, it can recover everything has its victim through the full loot. However, aside from some rules of green areas, yellow, red & black on the possibility of attack or not, and loot or not. Many players are dedicated to buy cheapest albion online silver.


The developers decided to incorporate a Reputation system & Crime rate close to that of Ultima Online, reference type. Currently, the game is made so that players tend to shoot on sight the other players as soon as they come in yellow and upper area. Reputation system will allow guilds & solos players reflect on their actions on? Royales, while the hardcore guilds will recede into the Distant Lands where the fittest is the rule.

Glorious reputation

Have a star attached to the nickname synonymous with positive reputation, it is clearly no advantage whatsoever a specific buff or equipment. However, two points should be noted:

Trust: Since the other players can see the displayed level of reputation, they are therefore reassured about the intentions of the player who should not attack them. It’s nice to know that albion online gold for sale.

Greater penalty for additional PK: A criminal who would kill a player with a strong reputation even more would drop his own reputation. So you better think twice before murdering a Glorious Player. Moreover, self-defense is permitted. The player is free to retaliate and kill his attacker without penalizing its reputation for value.

Reputation system

Exclusive to? Royales, the Expeditionary Forces RoI enforce the law and ensure that everyone in either reward or Conversely, punished for interference. Players are limited to gather resources and fight the hostile creatures never attack other players, become model citizens. Those who, instead, attack other players and assassinate them loot their corpses become wanted criminals.

Every good or bad action, changes the value of your reputation. This value is reflected in the statutes that go of Glorious Noble Virtuous Reliable to Infame, Crapuleux, Harmful and feared. Positive titles will be marked with a star and a skull indicate pk players. Note that any action done in Distant Lands not affect in any way the reputation level accumulated in the Royal Lands. For more Albion Online latest news, you can head over to: