Messi And Cristiano Who is Stronger

Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo who is stronger? This is a both sides fans have been debated topic, now someone using the theory of baseball EPA data to Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo are compared, the conclusion is that macy’s goal is more valuable than cristiano ronaldo, messi more dominating on the court. The statistical model is called expected data points, the theory of players each goal gives different weights, and not just only counts the number of goals. Many  FIFA 15 Coins Online, We are the Top-rated sellers for cheap Fut coins!

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When you are in the team have a 2-0 lead into the icing on the cake, and complete the dead scored the winning goal for the team, the value of the goal is not the same. With ronaldo and messi in 2013 and 2014, goals, made a comparison in ronaldo’s 105 goals, the EPA for real Madrid and country contribution value of 41.6, the average score of 0.40, and messi 86 goals in these two years, EPA contribution value of 40.3, the average contribution value of 0.47 goals.
The 2014 champions league semi-final second leg, real Madrid’s 4-0 victory over bayern Munich on the road, cristiano ronaldo in the case of team 2-0 up scoring two goals. And in the champions league final, cristiano ronaldo is in the case of the general situation is set, the penalty in the shoot-out in the 120th minute. Messi, by contrast, in 2013 and 2014, at least 5 times in the last 20 minutes, scored the decisive goal, while messi cristiano ronaldo in the goal number with 20% of the gap, but a flea more valuable to the team’s goals.

If coupled with compared to the importance of the match, messi on the EPA data statistics will be bigger, contribution value of 59.5, the average score of 0.69. While cristiano ronaldo is 50.4, the average score of 0.48. World Cup in Brazil, for example, messi led Argentina to the final, flea’s four goals are brought victory tango legion, and cristiano ronaldo in the Brazilian World Cup scored only 1 ball, not led Portugal into the last 16.