EA Has Released FIFA 15 PC Update To Fix Stability Issues

EA has released a FIFA 15 PC update to solve the issues of Ultimate Team stability. Now, Facebook, Twitter, and other official EA Sports channels all give the feedback to new update, and they indicated that update is the sooner the better.fixes March stability issues

The FIFA 15 PC update went live on March 23, and is marked as “PC-only”. So, if you have any problems with FIFA Ultimate Team on PS4, Xbox One, or older consoles, then you should leave feedback on the said channels to help speed up a fix to current issues.

This particular update was much smaller than those seen in the past, as such EA’s help pages didn’t list a long list of patch notes. The comment said, “small update that addresses stability issues”. Another comment continued to explain that feedback helps them “prioritize and identify future improvements”, so again make sure you leave that feedback no matter what platform you are playing on.

However, does the update have any efforts on stability improved? Is there any other problems with the game? Please share with us some of the feelings you used it later by leaving comment below.