EA Hands Out Free FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Gold Rare Packs

To celebrate the sixth FIFA 15 Ultimate Team anniversary, EA give out the free cards and host on this week.

FIFA Ultimate Team's sixth birthday

The games giant is giving away free packs to all FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players between March 23 (Monday) and March 29 (Sunday), fans will receive untradeable Gold Rare packs in their account, one for each day. To get the new rare gold packs fans just need to open their FUT store on their PC or console, and the new packs will be posted in the ‘My Packs’ section, with each pack including 12 rare cards that you cannot sell.

“As a thank you for your support, we’ll be giving every FIFA 15 Ultimate Team fan one free pack every day,” an EA statement reads, “The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Birthday Cup – play at least one match in the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Birthday Cup for a chance to win rare tradable In-Forms from previous Team of Weeks! (Winners will be chosen at later date).”

New pack offers will be available every day, and it is available for all FIFA 15 Ultimate Team fans lasting 24-hours and must be claimed within that time as they don’t carry over.

Besides, EA have also released a tournament, named The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Birthday Cup, which will ends March 29 and requires players to use five star rated teams with full chemistry. So many surprises is waiting for you, let’s enjoy the FIFA 15 together.