It’s hard to believe, but EA Sports’ legendary FIFA series is now 22-years-old, having survived and adapted to repeated new console generations, and even new business models. We get a brand new game each year like clockwork, but while we love them all, there’s no denying some are more influential or memorable than others. (Buy Cheap Fifa 15 Coins Online, We are the Top-rated sellers for cheap Fut coins!)

Maybe it’s the first one you ever played, a particular soundtrack, the first FIFA game you actually managed to score a bicycle kick in, or just the first edition that you discovered Ultimate Team mode in, but we all have our favourites. So what’s yours? Below, we’ve come up with a list of the 10 most significant installments of FIFA ever, with a quick refresher on why.

1. FIFA International Soccer (1993)

The game that started it all debuted late in 1993. Its isometric gameplay looks dated now, but was a breath of fresh air for Sega Mega Drive players at the time.

2. FIFA 96 (1995)

The first game in the series to make the jump to full 3D and offer real player names.

3. FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (1997)

While fans were sorry to see 97′s fun indoor mode ditched, the excellent World Cup tournament mode more than made up for its absence, while the licensed soundtrack (Blur, Song 2) cranked-up the production values, setting the bar for future games.

4. FIFA 2001 (2000)

We take online play with FIFA for granted these days, but it wasn’t until the start of the new millenium that the mode was added to the series, and even then only on PC.

5. FIFA Football 2003 (2002)

With revamped graphics and the new ‘Freestyle Control’ method for flicking the ball to team-mates, FIFA 03 was a much more sophisticated game than its predecessors. It also marked the first time a FIFA game was released on mobiles, years before the smartphone app explosion.

6. FIFA 06 (2005)

After three years, EA gave FIFA another big graphical overhaul with FIFA 06, just in time for the series’ debut on Xbox 360. As an added bonus, the original FIFA 94 was playable inside the game’s retro section.

7. FIFA 09 (2008)

The first edition to introduce the legendary Ultimate Team mode. EA would have no idea howcrucial the option would become to the series at the time.

8. FIFA 10 (2009)

While FIFA had jumped to 3D 15-years earlier, it wasn’t until FIFA 10 that player movement was updated in a big way, finally giving your players full 360 degree movement, instead of the typical 8-way directions they could manage previously.

9. FIFA 11 (2010)

Come on. The first game in the series to let you play a match as the goalkeeper. How was this not going to be on the list?

10. FIFA 14 (2013)

The first FIFA on PS4 and Xbox One, marking the debut of the stunning new Ignite engine.

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