Lionel Messi scored a glorious top corner finish in warm up for Barcelona vs Villarreal

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the world. So, when he does things like this to his own teammate, Ter Stegen, in warmups, it should come as no surprise.

In the video, originally from Mirror, Messi went over to Stegen just before their matchup against Villareal and curled the ball right past Stegen, as he froze in awe of the strike. Messi went on to bury the game-winning shot in the game as well for Barcelona.

It’s a good job Ter Stegen wasn’t starting in goal for Barcelona the other night, we’ve got a sneaky suspicion he wouldn’t have been feeling too confident.

When warming up for Barca’s La Liga tie with Villareal Lionel Messi wandered overto give the young German goalkeeper a couple of warm up shots, sort of.

Turns out Messi was in no mood for taking it easy on the 22-year-old and beautifully curled his left-footed striker past a motionless Stegen and in off the bar.

It all worked out quite well for the Catalan side though, Messi went and scored the winning goal during the game with a similarly stunning strike. Just with his “weaker” right foot.