Winter Upgrades of FUT 15 on the Way

With the TOTY release now out of the way, FIFA 15 players can now switch their attention to the impending release of the FUT winter upgrades.

Many players see this is as a great trading opportunity and are keen to make investments and maximise profit from the upgraded players. Through this slideshow we will list the date that the first batch of FUT winter upgrades are set to be released, as well as how the upgrades work and the trading implications.FIFA 15 Coins

We now know the slated date for the first batch of FUT winter upgrades, which is Friday 13th February, with players most likely entering packs at 6pm GMT. This means that you still have a couple of weeks to assess to market and comb through our suggestions and invest your coins.

Last year EA released their winter upgrades in two batches, one in mid-February and then the other at the start of March, so don’t be too worried if your chosen player to trade doesn’t come out straight away. Patience is often the name of the game and tracking player prices will bring you the best results.

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