Shocked In FIFA 15 Packed

EA has released the third batch of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transferred in packs.

  • I packed Phillip lahm and Manuel neuer TOTY in 15k packs.
  • i packed silva, di maria and neuer TOTY. i thought, nice luck, let’s go trying to pack a striker. well, 6 mill packs, best was IF oscar.
  • Spend 500k on packs, most valuable player I got were 2 discars IFs and than Kyle Walker lol

fifa 15They should add a leader-board based on W/D/L as in seasons; however, that could be an issue because you could play teams that have different star levels than you. Nevertheless, EA could correct this problem by implementing a strength of schedule factor into the rankings equation.

Very good video, as in my opinion it gives a great picture of lets say; you average joe, opening Packs and result: disappointment. And i truly believe that this is the situation that your average player finds himself in unlike the “highlights” of various opening packs and finding amazing players. Well Done. I went from 500k to nothing during Toty. Sold robben for 450k who’s now going for 650k and wasted that too. I’ve now got a cheap prem team, 70k in bank and I hate my life. It’s in the game!!! Having watched the video.

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