Pro Traits Should Know on FIFA 15

What are pro traits in FIFA 15?

That may be confused for specialities in FIFA 15. Pro Traits are accomplishments you unlock to be added to your pro. These FIFA pro Traits give your player a type of attitude or flare. In online games, you can see players with traits. Today, we are going to reveal the list of top 20 FIFA 15 pro traits. Know these traits better and choose those that will best suit your pro in the position. fifa 15

  • Long throw: adds extra distance to your throw-ins. This is good for launching attacks down wings or playing back in the defence.
  • Second wind: increases stamina at the end of a match. You will realize the difference in the last 10 minutes of any game.
  • Acrobatic clearance: adds spectacular defensive clearances to your game. It allows players to beat the striker to make a defensive top. Makes for spectacular goal-line saves.
  • Early cross: adds more curl to your early ball from out wide. More effective with semi and manual crossing.
  • Finesse shot: increases your side foot effectiveness in front of goal. It is required for attackers, offering a great way to curl ball around the keeper.
  • Outside foot shot: enables you to curl shots with the outside of the boot.
  • Power header: adds extra power to your headers at goal.
  • Giant throw-in: allows you to launch throw-ins right into the box. Aim of these towards your most gifted aerial threat and away from the keeper.
  • Swerve pass: adds bend to your passes and through balls where needed.
  • Power free-kick: enables you to take low drilled free kicks, to hit a powered shot along the ground.
  • Penalty stutter: adds the option to feint when running up to take a spot kick. Careful on power when doing this.
  • Skilled dribbling: enables you to perform the skilled dribbling controls. Sticks to players feet more helps quick turns.
  • Fancy passes: adds extravagant passes & crosses to your game.
  • Fancy flicks: increases the likelihood of backheels & fancy 1st touches. It enables players to pass ball when not facing ball and around defenders.
  • Bicycle kick: enables you to perform spectacular overhead volleys. Timing is everything with these. Try and cross the ball away from goal.
  • Diving header: allows you to dive when attempting a header at goal. It is most effective to spot the man running in for the cross early.
  • Driven pass: enables you to play more powerful & direct long pass. Don’t forget the secret driven pass mode.
  • GK up for corners: allows you to push forward for corners at the end of a match.
  • GK long throw: increases your over arm throwing distance.
  • GK flat kick: increases the speed & accuracy of kicks from hand.

So far, do you understand the FIFA 15 pro traits? If so, choose some traits to suit your pro in position.