Di Maria Packed In FIFA 15 TOTY

We set out to try and pull ourselves a blue card in a FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of The Year pack opening after the last success in packing our 1st FUT 15 Legend of the season in England icon Gary Lineker.

We ended up with the exact result we wanted by getting TOTY Angel Di Maria in a pack who’s 94 rated and has 96 pace, 91 pass, 88 shot and 95 dribble. You can watch all the action below in super HD, and see the moment when we got him.

In the footage above, we open 15K, 25K, 35K and 50K packs in search of the midfielders which was the limit of what EA Sports released at the time of recording.

There was literally only Di Maria, Toni Kroos and Andres Iniesta up for grabs out of the TOTY players available and we happened to find quite possibly the best one out of the lot.

Let us know who the best player you pulled from packs over the course of Team of The Year as we’d be interested to know. Remember, you can find all the pack opening content either here or on the official website.