Bargains Of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 has been running out for a long time, and with winter updates expected to “fix” some of the less accurate ratings, now is a good time to spend some time looking at what is available in the hope of picking up a real bargain who will positively impact your team’s fortunes.fifa 15

Inevitably, pace is one of the chief selling points in deciding which players you should bid on: regardless of how many changes EA Sports make to the game engine to try and focus gameplay on other more technical aspects, a burst of pace remains the easiest way to take opposition out of the game. So expect a certain amount of bias towards the more fleet-footed players in-game.

Additionally, FIFA 15 rewards players who look to run with the ball more: the dribbling system is slick and satisfying, so having players with 4 star skill ratings and pace to match makes for a good combination. And of course, strength is also as important as it has always been, especially in attack, so having heavy-weight strikers who can dominate both in the air and on the ground is a third good formula for success.

But the tricky thing tends to be price: the true legends of the game – the top 2% of stars – are prohibitively expensive and the key to balancing your team is looking for players with similar stats (or who are perfectly suited to certain positions and styles of play) who don’t cost the world. And luckily, there are some stunningly talented bargains in this year’s game as eve.

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