Cristiano Ronaldo’s Celebration Mocked By Balotelli

Cristiano Ronaldo’s infamous celebration was mocked by Balotelli ,Liverpool striker .BalotelliCristiano Ronaldo

Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli is never far away from a social media story, this time the Italian forward has set his sights on Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo.

When the FIFA World Player of the Year winner took the stage in Zurich to claim his prestigious award he ended his acceptance speech in truly bizarre fashion, using his trademark goal celebration.

When that “SIIIIIII” moment went completely viral, super Mario Balotelli simply couldn’t resist a cheeky attempt when he filmed himself playing as Real Madrid on FIFA 15.

It seems as though Balotelli has been playing a fair bit of Xbox recently seeing as though he isn’t getting much playing time at the minute.

The striker could be further down the pecking order if the Reds bring in Divock Origi this month Balo might be behind Sterling, Borini and even Rickie Lambert.
I think he is so funny.