The better soccer game: Xbox One or PS4?

Which soccer game is better? Actually, that depends of each gamer’s play style. However, FIFA 15 Coins PS4 is a great game that got released on September 25, 2014.

Of course, we’re pretty sure that you have waited that date like Christmas, to be able to play it on your new bought console, Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Now that you’ve finally got it, you are wondering if the game looks better on your Xbox One or your friend’s PlayStation 4.

Despite the better GPU capabilities that the PlayStation 4 comes with, it seems that Xbox One is able to bring more vibrant colors. Here is a video comparison between the two consoles running FIFA 15:

FIFA 15 Coins PS4

As you can see clearly, FIFA 15 looks better on Xbox One, but even so, the difference is not that big to care so much. There are other games that while making a comparison between one game played on these two consoles, you can come out with some real comparison in terms of game lag, FPS dropping, graphics and more.

However, on FIFA 15 that’s the single tiny thing you will notice, slightly improved graphics on Xbox One, but nothing more. If you are not sure what console you should get, we suggest you to read a detailed comparison between Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We also consider that you should also read a comparison about the games that you plan to play for your console, so this way you will know which one of these two consoles run your favorite games better.

It is good to know that FIFA 15 was the top seller in UK. It seems that no game was able to beat this game in terms of sales. However, as you all know, soccer is a very popular game in UK, so that makes sense.

Until now, EA Games has sold over 2.63 billion FIFA 15 games and on second place they have Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, with only 1.83 billion games sold. It seems that the soccer game is getting more and more fans lately, so this will put a bigger pressure on the developers for the upcoming FIFA 16.