How to Build the best fifa 15 ultimate team and get the best players


FIFA 15 Ultimate for different platforms, centers around the most popular portion of FIFA’s gameplay. For those who don’t know, rather than use an existing team, you start your own team and build it up using the best players that you can find. This guide will give you tips on maximizing score, chemistry and position matches as well as ratings, all for the best price possible.

As a beginner you generally want to try to load up your team with the highest rated cards possible. Your overall team rating will change based on your overall statistics. Since you’ll load up on gold cards right from the beginning of the game, start off by making your team all-gold, then start fine tuning from there.

Once that is done start tuning your team for chemistry. The way to maximize chemistry is to get players from the same team together, playing next to each other. The same league and the same nationality also work for chemistry, but putting teammates together will work best for overall chemistry.

Then, start looking for weak points in your game and search for players who will represent a boost in specific statistics. If speed is an issue, go for a high PAC. A high SHO will make for great shooting on goal, while a high PAS will increase passing and receiving effectiveness. A high DEF increases defense, a high DRI refers to dribbling skill (faster changes of direction + easier time keeping the ball), and PHY refers to physical toughness.

For a goalie, there are different stats. Diving, handling, kicking, reflexes, speed and positioning are your reference points. Arguably, diving, positioning and reflexes are the most important, here. Kicking is stupidly unimportant for a goalie, for the most part – find a goalie who specializes in the important stuff.

Fine tune your team even further by optimizing the stats per position. Strikers, for example, should have a high shooting rating, while defenders should have (obviously) a high defense rating. Center players should have a good mix of the two, but their speed, dribbling and physical toughness is the most important due to how often they’ll be running around.

You are not always going to have the players to fit the right positions and still maintain the best score or chemistry. When a player is playing out of position, the best indicator of how close to their optimal position is the foot indicator. Green means that they like the position (their stats are a good match and their main position is a close match). Orange means they’re ok with it. Red means they hate it.

Change the formation around depending on what mix of players you have. Experimentation is required here, but with enough of it, you’ll be able to determine whether your formation is optimal both for increasing ratings and chemistry, due to where players are in relation to each other, as well as increasing position effectiveness.

Additionally, different formations can compensate for organizational weaknesses and make them into strengths. Offense is bad? Pick a formation with three or four strikers. Defense is awful? Do the exact opposite. In general it’s best to stick to a formation with a balance of offense and defense, though.

Use the transfer market for the surest way to increase your chemistry, position rating, and all of the other good stuff besides rating. Search by league and club and try to pick up everybody from the same club, and use the club’s formation, or pick up everybody from the same league to maximize ratings. Or for more options, go with the same nationality. Your other players, the gold ones who don’t match, should be sold on the transfer market.

Use the auctions to make a major profit. Auction off your gold players, and set the buy-it-now price somewhere in the middle of the market value, maybe slightly higher depending on how long you want the auction to run for. And when you are bidding, bid during the last hour if at all possible.

Use the chemistry style cards to determine which team stats will take a boost from having high chemistry. Everyone has the basic chemistry style to start off with, and you can use the chemistry style on each player depending on their position and their desired statistics. For example, a defensive chemistry style is best for defenders.