How to Make Easy Coins on Fifa 15 Ultimate Team

fifa 15 coins

You want a good team, but can’t be bothered to play endless amounts of games to afford just one or two decent players? Getting no luck in the gold pack lottery? This guide is for you. Be aware that there isn’t a sudden method to make you a millionaire, but here is a fairly concise guide on how you can be making thousand coin profits in absolutely no time with a little more detail than the typical “buy now, sell high.”

1) The 3-5-2 Method
This applies to more than just the 3-5-2 and the players I’m going to suggest, but it has been pretty infallible for me after a bit of testing.

Think popular first. How many teams full of Brazilians with three at the back have you seen on this Fifa? The easy choice is a back three of Dede, Felipe Santana and David Luiz and you might as well stick Welliton up front. Instead of cursing every time you play against this unimaginative opponent, why not make some money from them?

With 3-5-2 popular, players in this formation go for in more money. For example, in my test on Xbox 360 Welliton was going for 3,100 coins in this system. You could pick him up for as low as 1,700 in unpopular systems like 3-4-2-1, 5-3-2 etc. Sometimes even lower. This suggests people aren’t buying formation cards (even though the market is much kinder to those that do on this Fifa). With this in mind, bid 450-500 on every 3-5-2 card that you can see on a quick formation search. Sometimes you’ll wonder what on earth is going on when someone is bidding 1,300 on a simple formation card, but don’t panic. You’ll get a few, especially at busy times when a lot of cards are on the market!

Simply apply it to the player in question and sell for profit – even with the 5% EA tax you should be making 800-900 each time, maybe more if you go for slightly more exciting players.

2) Bid Rather than Buy Now
Applies to nearly all players, but is particularly good in this 3-5-2 example. If Felipe Santana is going for 2,700 in 3-5-2 in the current market, search for a maximum price of say, 2,100 and bid on every card there. You’re nearly guaranteed to get one or two, then sell back up at the lowest buy now price that is going. Should be a quick and easy profit, especially as the market is very fluid for these players.

3) Cheeky Buy Now
Lazier Fifa users will sell their players without checking the market first. If you regularly search for Welliton in 3-5-2 for example, you’ll pick one up for less than 2000 at least two or three times every half an hour. Of course, there’s a little bit of patience involved here but it’s an easy 1,000  fifa 15 coins profit each time.

So there you go, a few little tips. Obviously the players are going to change in value but if you go for what’s popular and look at disparities in formation prices then you should be fine. Enjoy your profits!