Diablo 3 Class introduction: Monk

Monk is another Melee class that enjoys same 30% damage as Barbarians. However, what sets them apart is a set of support skills that only Monk has. Examples include Heal skills and Mantras that make them the most wanted class in Inferno and boss parties. Monks resource is Spirit that generates over time as you use Spirit generator skills (your primary attack). Other types of skills include area skills, crowd control (for survival), blink or snap, Mantras (for support). Monks can dual wield, and they enjoy more attack speed compared to other classes. They have moderate armor and are next best at survival thanks to a few Tanking skills and 30% damage reduction.

Monks are one of the top choices among players for PVP arenas due to their blink skill (Dashing Strike). Don’t underestimate Experience Items: Because you’ll likely be fighting multiple monsters for many hours, this item stat can add up to large gains in XP. Because it’s nearly imperceptible on a per-kill basis, this item stat is often neglected for core stat bonuses, but if your goal is to amass thousands of experience points, shouldn’t you consider that stat that gets you those points directly? If you believe that “grinding” (defined as plowing through a target rich environment without pursuing any Diablo 3 gold quest objectives) could ever offer faster experience points than completing quests, you may want to reconsider.

Players will inevitably be picking up items along their way to level 60, and they’re frequently faced with choosing between two similar items. By default, a lot of players will favor enhanced damage, thinking it will help them level faster by virtue of speedier killing. But, those players shouldn’t overlook the benefit of increased foot speed and the pickup radius of Diablo 3 gold and health globes. After all, you do as much walking as killing, and swifter running and fewer needs to “double back” for gold or health globes can arguably make your leveling faster than a few added points of damage, many of which are wasted on “overkill” killing blows that send a monster’s health pool into unnecessarily low negative numbers.