Diablo 3 is the successor of the legend storyDiablo 3 is the successor of the legend story

Are you the newer of Diablo 3 ? Have you played Diablo 1 or Diablo 2? Are you interested in the new details and old content? The followings will help you enter the world of Diablo 3!
Review: we kept the way for obtaining equipment of the Diablo Series and the dim and gloomy game atmosphere. There are more surroundings and monsters in Diablo 3. what’s more, there are more professions in it and thousands of specific elements and pronouns of Diablo series, such as gems、runes/suits, etc.
There are some in common between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3: random censorships.、cruel battles with devils and a brand-new world out-look! It is a story about the particular tasks、thousands of equipment、high order heaven /burning hell and the human beings among the miserable.
Diablo 3 is the successor of the legend story and we saw these new elements make the world more and more splendid!
Now let me show you the runes tone. In the Diablo 3, you needn’t punctuate on the skill to increase the effects. The runes tone bring  you the promotion exceed the skill、 harm、 the effects of elements、precise、scope、slow down、swim and so on. These new controlling may change over the skills themselves.
The followers: sometimes, the hero also need the followers, they need the supports. The followers, they are a group of soldiers who have the enough courage to face the burning hell. They are the same as the lansquenet in Diablo 2 and they wear the independent equipment and armour; they have the particular skill. You can adjust the different skills to set the ways for fighting. But they also have the independent personality!