Ten skills that Diablo 4 players must master

By collecting a lot of game feedback, U4GM sorted out several skills that players must master in the early stage of Diablo 4, which can save time and improve the ability of characters.

1. Death penalty
If you die in the game, the system will automatically deduct the durability of the player’s equipment. Ten points will be deducted for each death. You can find a blacksmith for related equipment if you want to restore durability. Blacksmiths usually appear near towns. Players can choose to repair all or part of the repair. All repairs will improve the durability of all equipment on the body at once. Although it is very convenient, it will consume a lot of Diablo 4 gold. The partial repair will only repair the items or equipment that the player needs to repair. If the durability of the equipment drops significantly, it will directly affect the player’s attack strength and defense attributes.

2. Adjust the game screen
Due to the game style, the screen of Diablo 4 looks relatively dark, so players need to properly adjust the brightness of the screen display before entering the game.

Game default screen brightness

Adjusted screen brightness

As can be seen from the comparison of the above pictures, the screen’s brightness after adjustment will be brighter, effectively reducing eye fatigue for players who play games for a long time.

3. Pre-upgrade planning
When you first enter the game, upgrading with the main quest is recommended so you can reach level 10 soon. You can do side quests from level 10 to 15 because the monster players in the main quest during this period cannot be defeated, and you need to do side quests To upgrade the player’s level while changing to better equipment and unlocking better skills and talents. When everything is ready, you can continue to complete the main task. With such a strategy, reaching level 20 is relatively easy.

4. Investigate all teleportation points
Whether you are an old player or a new player, if you want to avoid spending game time on the road, then it is necessary to light up all the teleportation points. This can save the player a lot of time, and they don’t have to run around on the map or directly use the teleportation point to reach the place they want to go quickly.

5. Don’t rush to upgrade your weapons
The weapons in the game can be upgraded by finding a blacksmith, but it takes a lot of Diablo 4 gold. As the level increases, players can get better equipment. There is no need to waste gold coins on weapon upgrades; you can use them to do more things.

6. Experiment with different skills
Since the player’s level is shallow at the beginning, as long as you do not exceed level 25, it is relatively cheap to reset skill points. Use the cost saved from weapon upgrades to try several skill combinations. If you encounter a powerful skill, try to fill up the skill points to fully experience the difference between it and other skills and prepare for future builds.

7. Weapon appearance inheritance
Dismantling a weapon in the game can inherit its appearance. If you get a weapon that looks good but has poor attributes, you can disassemble it and inherit the appearance of another weapon.

8. Weapon sales
The weapons in the game can be sold to NPCs. When you don’t have enough gold coins, you can sell unnecessary weapons to NPCs in exchange for more gold coins.

9. Get legendary equipment
Players will get some ancient coins during the game upgrade process. They can find strange item merchants in towns and use ancient coins to buy powerful legendary equipment.

10. Disassembly and inheritance of the essence
The affixes on the legendary equipment can be disassembled. After dismantling, they become essences. The essences can be enchanted on the corresponding weapons. This needs to be done with the help of a blacksmith, and it also requires a lot of gold coins.

The above are the ten skills that must be mastered in Diablo 4. They can help players save time and energy in the game. If you want to know how to use Legendary Essences, please refer to: Diablo 4 New Player’s Guide to Using Legendary Essences.