How Can You Use Your PoE Current Gear

What is the Path of Exile Gear? Gear refers to Weapons, Gloves, Helmet and Chest that a character can use. It is especially important to know their attributes and know how to use them, of course, having enough path of exile currency is not bad for you.

For weapons, dual rare wands provide the highest damage available, but can be tough to find with stacked rolls. Prioritize crit chance for spells, global crit strike multiplier, and cast speed. Bonuses include spell damage, cold/lightning damage to spells, and even maximum mana is nice to have.

Path of Exile

Chest: A Tabula Rosa can get you started, but the loss of stats on a chest will start to hurt the further you progress. Prioritize maximum life and resistances. Maximum mana and maximum energy shield are nice bonuses on top of these. Compared to the 6L option, remove either Controlled Destruction or Increased Critical Strike, depending on your current crit value.

Gloves: Winds of Change work very nicely with this set up and are very cheap. Life is always nice to have, and projectile damage works great with freezing pulse. Due to freezing pulse’s decay mechanic, projectile speed will result in more damage from further away, helping damage at range. For lab enchant, “of frost” and “of winter” are optimal.

Inya’s Epiphany are the go to choice for boots. Life, move speed, and increased damage per power charge are the three main benefits to these. However, if power charges happen to fall off, they are often brought back to maximum quickly, which is a helpful addition. Mutewind Whispersteps are a great budget choice for this build that include cold damage to spells and increased critical strike chance for spells.

Helmet: Increases to energy shield and maximum mana are both nice bonuses. For lab enchant, there are a few beneficial options. Obviously freezing pulse will be optimal, but this can be very difficult to obtain.

Belt: Darkness Enthroned Stygian Vise is insane. Not only do you get two sockets out of it, but the values from the abyssal jewels are increased by 50%. The choices for your jewels can vary depending on what stats you need. Try to get life on at least one if possible. If you are missing resistances, get a value that you need which will put you to the cap of 75%.