Everything Has Been Recreated So Close To What’s In FFXIV

In this summer, Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood was already released. The game director was extremely impressed by the Yotsuyu costume. In order to congratulate cosplay winner, Final Fantasy XIV director uses Kinky Meme. This following is latest video, enjoy it. If you longing to know more news or videos, find more at here.

There was a cosplay contest for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Naoki Yoshida, the game’s director, helped judge it. “Step on me, please.” he told the winner. He topped the commendation off by saying “Step on me, please” in English. The translator said on his behalf:” Everything has been recreated so close to what’s in game.”

Final Fantasy XIV

Fans took the BDSM infused scene and decided to start employing “step on me” as a catch all for being hyped about something in the game or its surrounding culture. Of course, the heel on the head trope isn’t exactly knew in Japanese entertainment, where that sort of kink is less stigmatised.

Stormblood is Final Fantasy XIV’s new expansion, the expansion included new job types, locales, and characters, one of whom was Yotsuyu, the imperial viceroy of Doma. She’s a villain who interrogates perceived enemies of the state and plays to the dominatrix archetype.

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