Mu Legend The Second Expansion And Future Extensions

On June 20, when Final Fantasy XIV expansion Stormblood launches, we will see more the new expansion content and details. Before several days, the expansion Stormblood official trailer have been posted. In addition, Square Enix has confirmed that talks are still ongoing with both Nintendo and Microsoft about bringing Final Fantasy XIV to Switch and XBox One. More latest news and guides about Final Fantasy XIV can be found more at FFXIV4GIL.


When you compared FFXIV to other RPGs, essentially, jobs are classes. There are many ways by which a game can introduce more expansions and continuations to its legacy. For Yoshida and the development team, progressing is not just by means of extending the story, but also level up can be treated as content, especially with harder experiences and jobs.

Square Enix has gone on record multiple times that they are looking into the Nintendo Switch, saying in April how they would like to have success on the Switch and the plans to bring titles to the platform including Dragon Quest and upcoming new titles like Project Octopath Traveler.

I do not think we want to stop adding jobs. For future extensions, adding jobs will be a very important point. We can not imagine not creating new ones. This is part of the Final Fantasy series, everyone loves jobs. Final Fantasy XIV new expansion is coming, gamers are eagerly buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil, however, a majority of them are willing to choose FFXIV4GIL.