Mu Legend: Fierce Fighting Style And Outstanding Graphics

Mu Legend have itself fierce fighting style, assuring fire of any form of attack. Furthermore, regarding Mu Legend 3D graphics, it feature quite eye-catching with the effect, including the light rays, the color effects and more, those fantastic effect will bring a special character for the game of Mu Legend in the future. Have you ever purchased buy Mu Legend Zen?


Mu Legend has outstanding graphics and bunches of new features. A Diablo meets MMORPG style game where you pick a class and slash and burn your way thru hordes and waves of enemy’s in maps designed to challenge even the most dedicated and hardcore gamer. Getting loot as you go leveling your character and becoming stronger and stronger so that you may challenge more and more difficult levels.

One of Mu Legend class is Whisperer, which was inspired by the Mu Online Fairy Elf. Using long-range weapons, Whisperer is responsible for knocking on enemies’ heads with storms and fast-paced moves. Next to the War Mage, this is a Class that focuses entirely on wide-ranged attacks, controlling the majority of enemies.

Mu Legend have four main features, four classes, rifts, level-specific zones and arena battles. Meanwhile, Mu Legend is the sequel to the popular Mu Online where a war had been raging between the God of Light and the God of Destruction. Once the God of Destruction was defeated a mage sealed him away back into his own body to usher in an era of peace. For additional information you can also check out more here.