FFXIV:10 story missions

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1. When arriving at 10 levels, the role a weapon skill level can accept new story missions to adventurers hall

2. Open the task menu to find the class quest task. According to the display. We will go to look for NPC Is Y \ ‘shtola

3. In the tip position into the plot meet the arrival of Y \ ‘shtola, enter hint. Select yes of course..

4. End of the story, according to the task, find or adventurers hall boss let us go back to reply. (that is, the person answering the task)

5. Talk to the boss. Enter the plot. According to the boss. Looking for the next NPC: waekbyrt.

6. Find waekbyrt dialogue with them.

7. According to the task tip into the next position into the plot.

8. Continue to plot in the boat.

9. After the dramatic dialogue. Based on the task to the next scene, due to the short timeframe so behind each mission continue to view the task after the prompt map steps away. Only do some important supplement and images.

10. To map out a beacon of position into the plot.

11. Talk to little sister. And then move to return

12. Return and cat sister dialogue. And then into the plot. Go to the basement. Found 2 cats. Then back upstairs

13. Come back to see two elder sister in warfare. What didn’t you actually. Finally see the task to the process