FFXIV’s A Realm Reborn will be ‘scalable’ for next-gen consoles

ffxiv530pxheaderimg13515 FFXIVs A Realm Reborn will be scalable for next gen consoles

When Final Fantasy XIV’s A Realm Reborn launches later this year on PC and PlayStation 3, each version will represent a scaled version of the game’s highest settings. But with talk of next-gen consoles getting louder and louder, does it make sense to stick with the PlayStation 3? Square-Enix producer/director Naoki Yoshida thinks so, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t prepared for the looming next generation of game consoles.

“The biggest thing is because we promised we’d release on PlayStation 3, and there are still a lot of players out there waiting for us to release a PS3 version. Before we talked about losing the trust of the playerbase with the original release of XIV and getting that trust back. One of the things to get that trust back is to fulfill our promises. That promise being that we’d release on the PlayStation 3,” Naoki said in a group interview today at Gamescom. “That doesn’t mean we’re not looking to the future. We realize that things will be coming, and then making the game compatible for these systems is something we’re currently thinking about,” he added.

Of course, “Until Sony and Microsoft actually make an announcement,” he said, “we can’t make an announcement.” Yoshida said that his team’s flexibility with FFXIV is due to the game’s new engine. “With this new engine, it’s very scalable. It runs on low-end PCs and high-end PCs. So when new technology comes out, we can easily scale it to that high end.”

Yoshida went on to show the game running on a colleague’s Sony Vaio laptop sporting a Core i5 processor. While the graphics were scaled down for the lower-end specs, the game still ran smoothly and looked quite impressive. “This is at about 70 percent optimization,” he added.

FFXIV’s A Realm Reborn will launch on both PC and PlayStation 3 “this year.”

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