World of Warcraft loses over a million subs since February, now down to 8.3 million

World of Warcraft's Algalon

The world’s most popular MMO has gotten a bit less popular in the last few months, it would seem. During today’s quarterly investor call, Activision-Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft’s subscriber numbers are down to 8.3 million. While that’s still nothing to thumb your nose at, it does represent a significant decline from the 9.6 million subscribers the game was reported to have last February.

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The game is going to need to do something revolutionary next expansion.  No more Daily Quest Grinds and 7-step raiding tier program and two-step PVP tier program.

MoP really only did more of the same, a new class, and balance issues, and more emphasis on storytelling.  Which is great, until you hit 90.

The same way that flying mounts made the game revolutionary with burning crusade, and lich king made progression fun, a new idea needs to come to life in WoW.  Perhaps Paragon Levels, Prestige Classes  (something D&D-like, say turns your current class into a Hero class, excluding death knights), player housing, global servers.. etc

One reason I can’t stand WoW anymore is I have like 7 groups of friends playing WoW, and they are all on different servers. And there is some limited cross-realm content, but we can’t do Arena… or RBGs.  And doing the same 40 daily quests every day is not entertaining in any way whatsoever.


Call me sado-masochistic, but the best times I had with WoW were back when you had to work for bloody ages for just a single epic item. Benediction quest anyone? About half-way through tBC they introduced the notion that you could get fully kitted out with some of the best gear, just by running a few instances for badges. Later on, during WotLK the entire concept of risk/reward simply disappeared altogether. Originally the game didn’t require the endless grinding of ‘dalies’ because consuming the existing content took so much longer. Dire Maul Tribute run? That was about 3 hours including preparation and travel. And it was bloody epic.

If something positive could come out of WoW losing subs, then maybe in the future they will bring back the concept that to get the rewards you need to put in the time and effort.