Details on the class changes for World of Warcraft’s 5.4 patch

It's a patch!  Hide your class abilities quickly!

It’s one of the last patches of World of Warcraft’s Mists of Pandaria expansion, and that means one more set of adjustments to the game’s classes. You could, naturally, assume that all of the changes are being made because Blizzard hates your favorite class and loves your least favorite class. Or you could take a look at the most recent development post detailing why class abilities are being changed for better or worse.

While the changes for each class are different, all of the classes have had several unappealing talents improved and a few overpowered talents toned down a bit. There are also several changes based on situational power — Holy Paladins, for example, had too much mana when able to get into melee and too little mana when forced to stay at range. If you want to see how your class fared in this round of rebalancing, take a look at the full rundown before posting your rant about being horribly nerfed.

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