World of Warcraft is definitely getting an in-game store

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Wearing your grandad's clothes will still make you look incredible, with or without a cash shop.

It’s not that big of a change, if you think about it. World of Warcraft has been playing around with microtransactions for quite some time, starting with the infamous sparkle pony, so it seemed only a matter of time until Blizzard moved past the rather archaic web interface. Community manager Bashiok has now confirmed that there is an in-game store coming, although the company is still determining exactly what will be introduced in the store.

Bashiok went on to state that several of the items being introduced at the outset will be introduced in Asian regions and that it will take some time to retrofit the existing web store items to in-game system. He also clarified that the additions to the store will be taking player feedback into account and focused upon selling convenience items rather than actual power. Either way, the day is quickly approaching when World of Warcraft will have a cash shop like so many other games.



Sorry to burst the rage bubble, but if you read the article it states that “will be introduced in Asian regions” . Nowhere in the article does it say it will be coming to NA / EU. While I don’t play WoW anymore, I feel that they will probably add a fair “booster” system to the micro-transactions (similar to GW2) where you can get more exp for an hour. Take into consideration that in the Asian markets people play WoW mostly by the hour, so having a small in game exp boost for an hour could significantly improve happiness and player progression as well as making a profit for Blizzard.


I might take a look at WoW again if I could buy a better looking model for my legacy race character. But other than that… nyah. /thumbsdown

BTW, what the hell is a Lesser Luck Charm or whatever? Whenever I hear the word ‘Charm’ in an MMO (other than as a description) it makes me think of Allods and the shady stuff pulled on the game’s playerbase. If I’m not misunderstanding, maybe Acti-Blizz has been laying the Cash Shop groundwork for a long time now?