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The Faces Behind WoW's New Community Tribute Items

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One of my favorite things about the World of Warcraft devs is how they stay grounded by communicating with and honoring members of the community. It just makes for good storytelling. So when I saw this story unfold on my Twitter feed on Friday, I knew something kinda special was happening.

Patch 5.4 is coming soon(ish), and it’s rife with cool features that we just cannot wait for, like Proving Grounds and the chance to squash Garrosh, which should make lorefiends and PvE players alike squee with joy.

As we know, with any new patch comes a bunch of super shiny new gear and models. Sometimes that gear is named after real people, but this time, the new gear will be named after a few more real people than normal.

Those real people found out about this on Friday via Wowhead and Twitter, with everyone watching. Here’s a little rundown of the WoW players and journalists who will have new items named for them in the upcoming patch and the Wowhead Content Manager who told them about it.

[   @perculia   ]

Perculia’s Peculiar Signet

Perculia is the Senior Content Manager for, the site you should be going to if you want info on a particular in-game item or need help with a quest.

In a WoW Insider feature on her, she’s described as bringing “a trained art historian’s sensibilities to curating the game she loves.” She also contributes regularly to other WoW Press sites, and has her own super informative blogs, Yelling on the Internet and Wowhead News.

Perculia got her own item named for her back in October 2012, a world drop agi ring called Perculia’s Peculiar Signet. She plays an adorable nelf rogue on Whisperwind in the guild Something Wicked – more about them later.

Anywho – Perculia, being the item manager extrordinaire that she is, was the first to notify @oliviagrace that she would be getting her own item, to which she replied:

“what the……”

[   @oliviadgrace   ]

Olivia’s Graceful Gaze

Olivia Grace works for WoW Insider, ZAM, and On ZAM, she hosts a very adorable talking head WoW Podcast called Talk Azeroth.

Grace plays a resto shaman and has a penchant for PvP. Through her Twitter feed, it came to light that a bunch of other community members had also been given tribute items.

[   @Shadesogrey   ]

Stickley’s Grey-Shade Hood

Anne Stickney is WoW Insider’s resident Lore Master. She writes a bunch of articles for them each week, as well as hosts the weekly WoW Insider Podcast. She plays a blood elf rogue. Here’s her response to the news:

No really though, thank you @Warcraft for giving me a hat! I will love it very much. If you could correct the spelling, I will marry it.

Let’s hope they get the spelling right when it goes live!

[   @MatthewWRossi   ]

Rossi’s Rosin-Soaked Shoulderplates

Matthew Rossi hosts the warrior and shaman columns on WoW Insider, as well as several podcasts including the WoW Insider Podcast and The Nitpixels. In-game, he plays a prot warrior. Like all warrior enthusiasts, he has warriors of several different races.

[   @icyveinscom   ]

Demien’s Ice-Vein Mask

Demien is one of the two owners of, one of the better guides for WoW class and strategy info. Demien quickly posted on the Icy Veins forums:

I made it into the game! Vlad’s probably going to be jealous.

Vlad is Demien’s Icy Veins business partner.

[   @Binkenstein   ]

Binkenstein plays a Pandaren elemental shaman and has contributed a massive amount to the world of ele shammy theory crafting via Elitist Jerks and Totem Spot, of which he is an administrator. His item is Binkenstein’s Burnished Belt.

[   @AskMrRobot   ]

Zoopercat, Veronica “Vee” Tegan, is the CEO of Ask Mr. Robot, a website that gives you customized advice on how to best itemize your character. It’s awesome – you should try it. Zoopercat also guest casts on the Twisting Nether Podcast occasionally. Her item is Zoo-per’s Superior Chestguard.

[   @Riftmaker   ]

@Riftmaker, aka Arielle, has been honored with Arielle’s Ancient Legwraps. Arielle is the “bear” in the blog The Inconspicuous Bear, and is one of the contributors over at the Team Waffle druid blogcast.

Soon after hearing the news, Arielle tweeted:

“I’m pretty sure there’s a rule somewhere that if you get an item named after you in @Warcraft you get to call in sick the next day.”

[   Something Wicked Guild   ]

Four of Perculia’s cohorts from the US-Whisperwind Alliance guild Something Wicked also received tribute items.

@Anafielle, a human ret pally who also writes a blog called Sacred Duty, had the Anafielle’s Spiked Choker named after her.

@Derevka, who heard the news and exclaimed that he was “totally debuffed with Humbled,” plays a Dranai holy priest, making theDerevka’s Gleaming Girdle item totally appropriate. Derevka also contributes to How to Priest, and blogs about priesty things at Tales of a Priest.

@Magdalenadk, the Worgen death knight, said that she was “floored and honoured” to see her tribute item, Magdalena’s Murderous Crown.

@Moshne was “very flattered by the gesture.” The guild leader of Something Wicked is a Padaren resto/elementalshaman whose item is Moshne’s Keen Kilt.

Feeling a little jealous? Blizzard’s Lead Systems Designer @Ghostcaller tweeted:

“We only have so many items to recognize WoW community members, so if we missed you, we still love you and we’ll catch you in a future patch.”

Congrats to all who were graced with this high community honor! Message me if I missed anyone, there were just so many of you!

[   Even More Items   ]

Edit to add @ElliottVenczel’s item, Venruki’s Venerable Sash. Vengeful Gladiator Venruki is one of the best PvP mages in the world, and hosts a Twitch stream here.

Thanks redditor skoorbs for pointing out my omission!

Also adding @hoodrychx, aka Adam Brown, whose tribute item is Hoodrych’s Bloody Chestplate. Hoodrych is a pvp warrior who’s been the rank 1 warrior five times and Gladiator 11 times. You can catch his live stream here. Hoodrych and Venruki are guildies in hey i’m mvp.

Thanks redditor Mantraz for point this one out!