My Wish About PoE Ranged Attack Totems

In Path of Exile, I know the Heiro buffs are going to benefit RATs, but I just wish that one day they’ll actually get some attention and buffs that aren’t just feeding off the scraps of Spell totems. Even if it was a unique similar to Soul Mantle that has inate Ranged totem support, but on a Dex base so that we can actually use a 6L would be nice at least.

Other collectors of path of exile items have different opinions, let’s see:

Path of Exile

1. We can’t have every skill on a high powerlevel, it’s just not feasible to balance it like that. On the contrary, some people really like these niche builds that can, with enough investment and a good tree, tackle the endgame content just like all the powerful builds can. I don’t think Ranged Attack Totems needs an overhaul.

2. I’d be happier if the Ranged Attack Totem wasn’t the innate gem, so that you could apply an mtx to the totem. Something like an innate Faster Attacks or something would be nice. Or even just “Supported Projectile Skills Fork +1 Times” without the Fork Support damage loss.

3. The totem nodes are decent, but they are also no required, unlike spells, RAT and AW have weapon nodes, which are some of the most plentiful nodes on the tree, if anything I’d be mad that ancestral bond isn’t close to scion, its way the fuck out of the way for rangers making RAT rangers not really doable since if you wanna go double totem you need to path crazy far, another unique that adds AB as a benefit would be pretty nice.

4. RAT KB was really damn good last league though I think that’s more because of how ridiculous KB is rather than the viability of RAT itself. I think part of the problem is that the totems get a less attack speed modifier which gives them a sort of “wind up” time and really messes with your clear speed. This combined with totems not having much health makes the gem awkward at best.

5. Spell totem is – 35% damage and – 30% cast speed at level 1, 26/30 at level 20. RAT is 35/30 at 1, and 26/30 at level 20. They are carbon copies of one another. All soul mantle does is let you get a 7link, but you still take huge penalties for being a totem build that inst an innate totem skill like say flame totem or AW.

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