Why do so many people like WildStar

World of Warcraft is still enormous. In the years after the release of the first couple , nothing came close to Blizzard’s trendsetter . AAA polished , charming art design, and exact location can be said is unmatched in nearly a decade later .

Like many people , I’ve spent a solid chunk of time looking for the next ‘ big thing ‘ in the online gaming world, in the same way for the Warcraft real fresh and revitalized things, I feel . Guild Wars 2 has done a lot right, but , beyond streamlining , and not completely reshape the genre. Eve Online is a true sandbox MMO, but incredible is notoriously difficult to enter. Warcraft MMO genre still living in the shadow of giants , is due to a large restructuring of the system .
wildstar – 2

WildStar a cartoon science fiction, tongue firmly in its cheek.

To be honest, when I first looked into the Carbine Studios WildStar, I did not think too much. Screenshot another game like World of Warcraft clone with cartoon graphics and familiar user interface. However, finding a little deeper , it is clear that there is nothing to be created Carbine Studios developer since Blizzard ; There is a popular MMO casual appeal, while maintaining the interest of hardcore gamers . A daunting task, but I think there may be some special work.Here to supply Buy ff14 gil

WildStar is released at a similar time launch Elder Scrolls Online “and” Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth of the realm. In many ways , WildStar is the underdog , with the other two titles , with a long , successful franchises back them up. However , WildStar there is a secret weapon. Innovation .

Do not get me wrong , ESO and FFXIV: RR look like they would be great , anyway, for some time. ESO may seem a lot of the most cunning , a suspicious combat system and triple- dipping payment system. I played FFXIV β, it is a good game , incredibly beautiful graphics and a high level of polish. However, whether the game does not seem to go far beyond their own flavor , tried and tested theme park MMO formula.

WildStar seems to blend the best of the sandbox and theme park MMO, as well as adding some exciting new mechanisms and functions. Here are some of the more exciting things.
Real Player Case

Players of the house has the potential to become a bustling social center , a quiet farm, or just to show off your best trophy

Everyone wants a good player housing system , but it was never done well in a modern MMO. WildStar seem to change this situation . Players can build their own house from scratch, and room to add components as they progress. It is fully customizable and can be placed anywhere you want, instead of the default arrangement of objects and furniture. Players will also be able to establish areas in the non- instantiated things , this means you build in the world have a certain impact .

Giving players access to a home early in the game , you need a fairly large floating “islands ” form. In this space, you can build your main house , space station , plots , land mines and other useful things. You can even try to create a family, it will attract other players by housing an important supplier or portal dungeon. Can be set to private apartments, only you and your friends , or the public . Of course, there is a public home page that lets you open steal crops player !

Unique new combat system

WildStar a combat system , which means you must aim the skills and capabilities, while avoiding enemy attacks. It looks a bit like a cross between the system in Guild Wars 2 and Tera. Fighting makes use of ” telegraph system .” This means that your attack was ” telegraphed ” opponent, colored markers on the ground in the form of a fast player can be dodged .

Targeting and avoidance are crucial

In practice, this may mean you have a warrior, you want to use a large cutting attack. In front of you, you aim semicircle , which can be seen as the enemy . Then , your opponent will be a very short time to dodge attacks.

This sounds like a very great system , balance twitch skills and strategies , in a similar way MOBA hero “skillshot abilities. Another very interesting feature is the ability to control the crowd . CC can be a pain in the ass in many online games often involve being stunned, unable to do anything for a few seconds . WildStar a more ambitious and creative approach, while handling crowd control , for example, some enemies might use ‘ disarm ‘ on your ability in large most of the game , which will eliminate the ability to attack a few seconds , however, in WildStar, your weapons are literally out of your hands , fall on the ground away from you before you fly into the air. from there, you then some options waiting debuff, automatic or toward your weapon to attack again .

How you want to play

WildStar path CharactersCarbine MMO seems really keen to attract every type of player . WildStar features something called the “Path System” , which will allow you to focus on your favorite games . Published four paths :


The “Path ” is a completely different class . Carbine on its website to explain it best :

Picking a class is to choose the way you like to fight. You’re a gunman , squishy healer , or human shields ? Pick your path to choose your gaming style. Do you like to explore dangerous places , kill enemies , or to learn something ? Make a choice, we ‘ll make sure you get a lot of things you enjoy .

What seems down, let you play task , you like to play . For example , the resource manager centralized clearing , racing, surveillance, and , of course , exploration . If you are a fan , find hidden treasures , trying to figure out how to get up, huge mountains , or just racing around the map , then this may be the most suitable for your path.

Path of the four settlers may be the most unique , focused on building and creating . Settlement is the ability to create something , such as suppliers, bars , hospitals, all of which are on their own and his companions were very helpful. Settlers also be able to create a vehicle to accelerate tourism . It seems to be mainly focused on helping his fellow players, and gain additional experience while they are in residence .
WildStar screenshot

In general seem to have a large part to explore WildStar

Out of the four soldiers is probably the most traditional , you will mainly killing . It is , however , usually sounds like a bit of a twist ‘ kill x of X’ type of pursuit. You will experiment weapons , assassination targets , security responsibilities, and rescue operations. From the point of view the game screen , the battle will be a blast , so it is by no means a bad thing.

Finally , scientists are those who love lore MMO game path. The WHYS scientists will focus on when and where and how to find the answer, explore deep caves and mountains . Scientists will be given tasks such as identifying plants, animals, stationary crusher and reveal mysteries . To be honest, this sounds very appealing to me than the other three , but I will persevere judgment until I can get a hand .

The game will have quite a lot of World of Warcraft the same payment system , before you buy the game itself, and then pay a monthly subscription. Time will tell whether the subscription will be worth the money . Interestingly, the game allows you to ‘ pay to play ‘, allowing players to buy ‘CREDD use game gold. Then redeem this CREDD ‘ exchange purchase time . It is a system that EVE Online proved to be effective , although it remains to be seen whether this will be a feasible method for the casual gamers , or just a hardcore elite.

Of course, there is so much talk . 40 people like attacks . A dynamically changing world , shaped by the players . I mentioned that fighting vehicles ? Expected in the next few months , I heard a lot about this game we .

WildStar will be released early next year . The game is currently in closed beta , you can apply here, but now it seems there is a huge waiting list. Needless to say , I am very excited about the prospect of WildStar, I hope to create the next carbine can provide a truly great MMO world .