The event picks things back up with phase two once again pitting players against the Karka yet again

The event picks things back up with phase two once again pitting players against the Karka yet again, but this time their weapons were able to damage the beasts.  There was hope for victory yet!  Once the Karka were pushed back and on the run, it was time to meet them on their home turf!  Players would set sail for a whole new map, the Southsun Cove, with more dynamic events to take part in.  The general goal for many of these events was to gain a stronger hold on the island.  It was clear the Karka Wouldn’t stop their assault on Lion’s Arch, so they needed to be dealt with.

The map was a bit small.  I may have had my expectations set a bit too high for this, but I was hoping for a full size map.  Instead, players were brought to a large island in the Sea of Sorrow.  I was really happy with the nice tropical feel for the island’s environment.  It had a more unique feel from other parts of the Tyria, so it does make up for the lack of size with beauty and detail.

The best part of the event is the very last phase.  I really wanted the event to end in a huge boss fight, and that’s exactly what happened!  It all started with players starting to prepare for the fight against the Ancient Karka.  After breaking into the hive and placing explosives everywhere, the Ancient Karka revealed itself.  The nice thing about this fight was it doesn’t just spawn and you fight.  Instead you have to push the Ancient Karka back all the way around the island, fighting it and its fellow Karka in an epic battle.  The event took my group a bit over two hours to complete.   After luring the Ancient one into the hive, you finally fight it out on top of a group of explosives you planted earlier.  When all the red poured out from its health bar, BOOM!  The powerful enemy was sent into a pool of lava, turning it into a crispy corpse.