A place players thought would always be a safe haven.


The event kicked off with a large battle right in Lion’s Arch, a place players thought would always be a safe haven.  A new type of enemy, known as the Karka, began to invade Lion’s Arch.  Players heard the call of duty and rushed in to try and keep the invaders at bay.  This was a bit tough as these new enemies were very resistant to weapons and magics.  But the will of the players was enough to stop a full invasion of Lion’s Arch.  What a way to kick things off!

After the battle, things started to slow down.  The Karka were a huge mystery.  We were all wondering where they came from, and why were they attacking Lion’s Arch?  The players were tasked with finding these answers, being sent on an investigation that began to point them towards a group known as the Consortium.  Once players got some leads, things slowed way down.  So much so that it was a screeching halt.

Remember when the game was first released and a few NPCs and events would bug out?  Well in the first time in a long time I saw it happen again.  The NPCs needed to progress the event were bugged out across the servers. It was a huge bug and it prevented players from progressing further in the quest line.  It was pretty frustrating to get pumped up in the earlier fight, only to have a silly bug prevent you from enjoying the event’s story.  The next day ArenaNet did fix the issue and extended the time for players to complete phase one.  But I think we were all expecting a fix to come much sooner. Really the bug shouldn’t have happened at all.

I was really happy to see the event feature a new enemy type.  The Karka were really unique visual look, and actually showed the wear of damage over the course of a fight.  These creatures are pretty large, and seeing that effect on them as you wear them down gives you the sense that you really are winning (when you weren’t dying from their highly damaging attacks).  It was rewarding to see chunks of their armor fall off, leaving them vulnerable to your attacks.   The tiny Karka face huggers were also fun as they came at you in large hordes.