Alexstrasza found the Timeless One waiting

He stood motionless high atop the mountain. This far from the druidic and shamanic camps, the Life-Binder had assumed her draconic form. It was refreshing to stretch her wings again after spending so much time in her elven body. Once she had landed beside the scaled bronze Aspect, she told him of Ysera and Kalec’s plan regarding the Dragon Soul and the part he would be required to play in it. The Life-Binder had surmised that Nozdormu would reject her, and she wouldn’t have questioned why. His mood, however, was much more subdued than she had expected. “The Dragon Soul…” Nozdormu said. “There have been timesss when I considered going back and righting that day. Saving Malygos’s flight… sparing all of usss from that terrible fate.”

The Timeless One heaved a great sigh, never breaking his gaze from the horizon. “And if I were to commit such an act, I would be no different than the infinite dragonflight and… my future ssself.” “You would be more different than you can possibly imagine,” Alexstrasza replied. “Eonar charged me with preserving life. When the topic of the Dragon Soul was broached, I asked myself how I could observe my duty while bringing the most destructive weapon ever forged back into existence.” “Yet you plan to do ssso,” Nozdormu stated. “Yes. Because to protect life, there are times when we must destroy that which seeks to end it.”

The Life-Binder had thought long about the Dragon Soul and the unthinkable suffering it had caused not only her and her flight, but also other living beings throughout history. Ultimately, she had come to a difficult realization: no cost was too great if it meant preserving the world. “I cannot force you to do what you think is wrong,” Alexstrasza said. “But ask yourself this: did Aman’Thul grant you dominion over time just so you could watch this world die?” “This future inhabited by the infinite dragonflight, if I were to travel there…” Nozdormu trailed off. Apprehension and fear radiated from the Timeless One.