RuneScape decides to take a different route



Everyone has played RuneScape, it is just one of those facts like eating spiders in your sleep, being in constant close proximity to rats, and hating the bottom-burp that is Piers Morgan. The chances are, if you are a goblin-loving type like the staff at this website, you will have found yourself fervently pawing at the sign-up page of the aforementioned game in an attempt to get that MMO fix that is so desperately needed. Developed over the course of a decade by Jagex Studios, RuneScape is the one of the world’s most popular free to play online game. Boasting a player base that would make any of its peers blush and packing more content than you could shake a stick owned by Henry Content at, there is little wonder why this game continues to go from strength to strength.

Recently the developers of the game decided to bring back the Wilderness and Free Trade, so in turn has decided to give this online-em-up another look-in. In almost every MMORPG you would expect your first dozen or so hour’s in-game to be a mixture of killing tiny rats and listening to booming voices proclaim “you are the chosen one!” RuneScape decides to take a different route to all of this well-trodden nonsense. Oh sure, we have rats to poke at, a goblin or two to bother, and even half-a-dozen cows to slaughter, but that’s not all. Jagex’s game is essentially one of many different avenues to explore, and while combat is high on many people’s priority list, this is not all you can expect to achieve within the game.

I am going to be honest with you readers; I spent the first ten or so hours in RuneScape perfecting the art of baking bread. I’m not entirely proud of it, and I’m not bragging, but while others were butchering various life forms, I spent my time jogging merrily to the fields, picking half a dozen pretty plants, and finally delivering them to the mill to be transformed in flour. And do you know why I decided to choose the life of a simple farming-chef? Because I damn well could.